Monday, April 2, 2012

Nails in dreams , superstitions and beliefs

Nails, claws these remnants of reptiles, creatures, they say, were a stage of evolution to human beings, are a mystery wrapped in distinctive, that there was no way not to mirror in superstion, beliefs and magic ...

 If you cut your nails on Sunday, gossip and rumors rautaciose will accompany all week. Bad luck follows you if you cut your nails in the moonlight. On the other hand, if your nails harden over time, you should you cut them when the moon is down.

 An Anglo-Saxon superstition predicts that if you fall down let your nails that you cut them, you will be forced to collect them after death. If you leave your fingernails on the floor and then covered with a carpet, you graze trouble. The Turks, not good to throw nails on the ground or step over them. They also believe that you have some bad luck when you look at the nails of a dead man, while it went to the cemetery. A white spot (a noita) on a nail is a gift. You will receive that gift when noita reach edge of the nail and cut it with scissors. To not reach the hands of a witch or someone who wants to harm you, or to take over your soul, raise your fingernails, and place them in a safe place.

 It seems that Picasso believed totally believed in this superstition or magic ... In medieval superstition is considered unlucky to cut the nails of a child under one year, as he will become a thief or a robber. To ensure that their treasure would become a dishonest man, they cut nails mothers of children only after they reach a year, making sure they still fall on a Bible. Scotland was more than anyone else in indecency without a mother or a close relative of a child to cut nails.

Mexicans were convinced that cutting the nails of a child up a year will cause problems with vision. In some parts of Romania, the nails were cutting child at baptism (sometimes by NASA), is then stored in a handkerchief, in other areas, it said that it is better to cut nails young children so that they are can occur by the devil. Count your white spots on nails before December 25, and you will find many gifts you get for Christmas.

 The old ways of magic or witch doctor to cure a patient and then cut off the nails and gave them fire. In our area, folk healers chase away disease sufferers putting nails in a burrow. If you want to have good luck, throw on the fire cut nails of the feet. If, after you give your nails with nail polish, too often look to them, means that someone barfeste. Keep your nails clean and you always enjoy wealth. Cut your nails: Monday for news, Tuesday for shoes, Wednesday for the property, Health Thursday, Friday love, Saturday for a trip, And Sunday for the devil. Another superstition contradict the above: those who cut their nails away their chance Friday. Traditionally Romanesque, nails should not be cut than Thursday or Saturday, otherwise panda can be headaches and forgetfulness.

Also, it was not advisable to cut your nails at night (in some versions, at night) to avoid your sheep die or not to shorten your life thread. The number of white spots on nails reveal how many lies you told before. If you lucky, your nails pileste a Monday. Include white spots on fingers, calling, in turn, for each noita, one of the words: friends, enemies, money, love.

Start with the first spot on the nail and last spot corresponding word you predict what you expect in the future. In another variant, noitele mean something depending on your finger you are: thumb - a friend, index finger - an enemy, a gift middle finger, fourth finger (ring finger) - a boyfriend / girlfriend, little finger - a journey. One Japanese superstition, they say that if you cut your nails at night, you will not be there for your parents when they die.

 In Korea, they say that if you cut your nails at night and let them down, they will be eaten by mice. In this way they will make in your own person or stealing your soul. In Hindu belief, cutting nails at night foretells that you will hurt you soon.

 The superstition of Afaganistan: - Hunger and poverty go into the house to cut their nails at night. - You watched the bad luck if you cut the nails of hands and feet the same day (a belief shared in Turkey).

 Dreams about nails

- Symbols and meaning

 - If you see a nail file in your dream means that you have to "rounded" thorny issues of personality and improve your relationships with others.

 - When you dream pilesti your nails, you may want to focus more on what you want to do or to go to the end.

 - The dream that you change your nail color to signify creativity and emotions ta. glimpsed more, account for nail color seen in a dream. Blue, dark green, purple and other colors are nontraditional in your spirit free manicure. In this case, send your subconscious desire to express yourself more freely. If you sees in a dream with transparent nail polish data, you are representing your objectivity in such a situation.

 - To dream of nails, you are ready to defend. If you dream nails are long, as you outlined in this laziness, negligence or need to act. If you wear fake nails, this dream suggests that you try to reach people around, but there is always the best intentions towards them. You may be disingenuous or play theater.

 - The dream that you break a nail suggests that trying to avoid an embarrassing situation or you try to get rid of some responsibility. In another interpretation, this dream may be a reflection of your image about yourself. You may be concerned about the way you see or appreciate those around you.

 - When you dream that you bite your nails, you indicate that you are faced with a problem that it's hard to solve.

 - A dream in which your nails grow very quickly means your great desire to reach one or someone close to you.